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Festivals, events, band shoots and charity support - contact me if you think I can help.

I have always loved photography and music. When younger I played in a band (we weren't very good) and my now rarely played Fender Precision Bass still sits on its stand in the living room.

I studied photography at school and used a cheap Russian SLR using black and white film, processed and enlarged in my parents bathroom.

In my last year of university I starved for 3 terms and saved up for a better camera. I took this on a tour around the USA. But then in the early 1980s the photography stopped. A career in photography was not on the cards, film and processing was expensive and the path of university and career followed by marriage and children, squeezed out the photography and live music. 

A once in a lifetime trip to Glastonbury Festival in 2005 rekindled my love for live music. I have been to Glastonbury each year since as well as many other festivals. I see live music whenever my work allows. Being in Manchester there are many great venues. 

After posting some of my photographs on the Glastonbury Gallery, I was invited to join the Glastonbury web team in 2010. I have been back every year since. I will be forever grateful to Chris Salmon and Robert Richards for the opportunity. 

I now work as a semi professional photographer and aim to capture the drama and atmosphere of such events and not just what they look like.

I have written for and provided photographs for a number of Music blogs In the last year I have acted as a staff photographer for Glastonbury Leeds and Head for the Hills.  I have also had the chance to support  the Family Arts group Wild Rumpus photographing their Lost Carnival Weekend, Just So and Timber Festival. 

My photographs have been used by EE and Malaysian airlines appeared in publications as diverse as Inked, the annual music industry review produced by UK Music and the Manchester Evening News.

All Images Copyright Andrew Allcock and should not be copied without permission

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